Sport & Leisure


Outdoor sport in the UK will always be at the mercy of the weather forecast with strong sunshine, torrential rain and poor light often impacting available playing time. And it’s not just sport, adverse weather conditions influence dwell times in the leisure sector directly impacting revenue.

Streetspace work with many clients across sport and leisure sectors designing canopy solutions that enable outside spaces to be better used and enjoyed no matter what the weather! We believe making the right investment in covered sports areas can provide inspirational shade and shelter for generations to come, while incremental revenue and operational savings realised upon completion provide significant financial offset over time.

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Sportspace365 Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA) canopy structures are permanent architectural structures designed to provide outstanding performance, aesthetic beauty and durability over the long term, backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. Sportspace365 canopy structures provide an excellent replication of a natural environment, covering the sports area without losing the outside natural feel. Removable breathable mesh side panels can be fitted into the structure throughout the winter season, keeping out the wind and rain without allowing stale air and condensation to build up. These tensile membrane roof covers not only look stunning with their freeform design, but also provide superb light transmission avoiding the need for additional lighting for much of the day.

Canopies and covered walkways can be used to increase covered space around key attractions whilst minimising encroachment on walkways and viewing areas, due to their flexible and aesthetically pleasing design. Canopies can also create iconic features, as well as a superlative level of weather-protection without compromising the design of the existing buildings. By shielding visitors from adverse weather conditions, a canopy can add to the customer experience, increasing visitor dwell times and therefore customer spend.