Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter

Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter

Semi-enclosed cycle shelters that provide reliable, cost-effective weather protection for a single row of cycles under an asymmetric quadrant roof. The standard CENTAUR CL 4100mm module covers 10 cycles with the sheffield-type stands and modules can be added in-line or as a compound as required.

CENTAUR CL cycle shelters are supplied with height-adjustable steel base plates that can be fixed to foundation pads either below or flush with the finished surface, depending on site and finish requirements. Surface fixed sheffield toast rack cycle stands are supplied as standard with root-fix specification available. 

The clear view solid polycarbonate cladding is manufactured with UV protection on both sides providing excellent weathering properties. High impact resistance ensures the cladding is not damaged through daily use or vandalism.

CENTAUR CL cycle shelters are supplied with durable hot dip galvanised coating as standard with colour powder coat options that can include coordinated cycle stands. Sliding gate panels can be fitted to individual units for security. Cycle compounds can be created with end gates and central ‘flying roof’ sections.

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CENTAUR CL Product Variants

  •  Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter

    Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter

    CENTAUR CL is a modular product system that can be configured with add-on bays for efficiency provided that the overall length is within advised surface level variations. Available from stock in galvanised finish for self assembly or with installation service as requires.
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  • Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter - Sliding Security Gates

    Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter – Sliding Security Gates

    CENTAUR CL can be specified as a secure cycle shelter compound with the addition of sliding steel mesh gate panels to the front elevation. ZedPanel colour coated steel mesh cladding panels, durable steel and nylon roller tracks and a choice of access control systems.
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  • Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter Secure Compound

    Semi-Enclosed Cycle Shelter Secure Compound

    The cycle shelter modules can be arranged facing across a 1.8m central aisle with steel mesh infill panel at one end and a matching gate at the other to form a complete enclosure. ’Flying roof’ clear view polycarbonate panels covering the central aisle can be specified for increased weather protection.
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CENTAUR CL Product Specification & Options

  • Product Specification

    CENTAUR CL is manufactured in a single 4100mm module for 10 cycles. Custom dimensions are available to special order.
    Data SheetCAD ModelTech Drawing
    CENTAUR CL 44no. Cycles209217902008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 66no. Cycles209226302008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 88no. Cycles209234302008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 1010no. Cycles209242702008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 1212no. Cycles209250702008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 1616no Cycles209267102008DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CL 2020no. Cycles209283502008DownloadDownloadDownload
    Data SheetCAD ModelTech Drawing
    CENTAUR CLC 1616no Cycles523634302257DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CLC 2020no Cycles523642402257DownloadDownloadDownload
    CENTAUR CLC 2424no Cycles523650512257DownloadDownloadDownload
  • Locking System

    Eurocylinder lock is available with Centaur CL (Sliding Door Only). Other locking systems are available for Centaur CLC. Automatic Door Control System available for Centaur CLC.
    • Latch + Eurocylinder Lock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • Eurocylinder Key-operated Self-Latching Bolt Lock
      • 100% Stainless Steel Mechanism / Aluminium Handles
    • Latch + Code Secure Lock

      • Code Secured Entrance
      • Mechanical Code Lock
      • 100% Stainless Steel Mechanism + Push Buttons / Aluminium Handles
    • Slide Bolt + Padlock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • Integral Slide Bolt / Handle with Padlock Provision
    • Latch + RFID Lock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • RFID-operated Eurocylinder Lock Release
      • User Control via app or web portal
    • Eurocylinder Lock (Sliding Doors Only)

      • Locating Pin
      • Eurocylinder Key-Operated Deadlock
      • 100% Stainless Steel Mechanism
      • Integral handle with sliding door frame
  • Cycle Stand Options

    • Rail Fix (Toast Rack)

      Stands are surface mounted to ground fix steel rails.

    • Baseplate

      Integral base plates for individual ground fixing.

    • Root Fix

      Stands are cast into concrete below ground.

  • Steel Finishes

    CENTAUR Cycle shelters have a hot dip galvanised frame finish as standard and this is a coating that is highly durable in all environments. An optional powder coated finish can be selected from the following RAL colours together with coordinated cycle stands. Images are for illustrative purposes only.
    • Hot-Dip Galvanised

    • Colour Polyester Powdercoat

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