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City3 Waiting Shelters

Streetspace waiting shelters are used in a wide variety of applications from passenger shelters at transit terminals, parent waiting areas and buggy shelters in schools, to payment terminals and trolley shelters in retail environments. The shelter variant design is also well suited to smoking shelters for office, industry and leisure.

A shelter often represents the designated smoking area while providing users protection from the elements. City3 Waiting Shelters have enclosure panels to 3 elevations as standard and comply with the 50% open ventilating regulations.

Manufactured in the UK by Streetspace Group, City3 Waiting Shelter durable all-steel frame has either a galvanised or colour powder coat finish. City3 DB and DC shelters have a radius roof form with an aluminium glazing system and multiwall polycarbonate roof panels. Enclosure panels options include solid polycarbonate, multiwall polycarbonate or toughened glass. Enclosure panel layout, bench and perch seating, litter and separate cigarette bins can be specified as additional options.

City3 DH shelters are designed with a mono pitch steel roof, colour powder coated fascia and rainwater goods and architectural enclosure options in timber slat or glass panels. Custom options extend to an integral green roof, asymmetric radius roof design forms and bespoke enclosure panel designs.


City3 Waiting Shelter Design Features

  • Frame Colours

    Hot dip galvanised finish as standard with a choice of colour powder coat finishes optional.
  • CAD Design Ready

    Product designs are available as CAD files or BIM files for hassle-free insertion to your project design documents.
  • Enclosure Options

    Standard clear polycarbonate panels with glass, slatted timber and bespoke laser cut steel options.
  • Configurable Layouts

    Flexible enclosure panel fitting to enable access and egress positions suited to site conditions.
  • Integrated Options

    Benches, perch seats and bins can be specified as integral fixings.
  • Custom Design

    Bespoke shelter dimensions and roof design forms including green roof and asymmetric radius.

City3 Waiting Shelter Model Variants

  • City3 DB School Waiting Shelter

    City3 DB Shelter

    The economy shelter with an all steel frame and available in modules of 2.5m length at a standard 1.5m width. The radius roof section is clad with a multiwall polycarbonate sheet and aluminium glazing system and the vertical enclosure panels from solid polycarbonate over steel frames. Toughened glass side panels can be specified as an option.
    View product specifications
  • City3 DC Parent Waiting Shelter

    City3 DC Shelter

    A flexible shelter system with a standard 2.0m width and 2.5m length module that can be specified as a single unit or a configuration. The steel frame section sizes are increased for the larger structure and colour powder coat finish is standard. The radius roof has the same multiwall polycarbonate and aluminium glazing system while configurable enclosure panels can be specified from solid polycarbonate or toughened glass.
    View City3 DC Shelter Specifications
  • City3 DH School Waiting Shelter

    City3 DH Shelter

    City3 DH Shelters are a highly customisable product, designed around an innovative all-steel mono pitch roof frame that allows both steel profile clad and green roof types, is available in a number of module sizes and with enclosure panels from toughened glass, horizontal slatted timber or designs in powder coated laser cut steel.
    View City3 DH Shelter Specifications
  • Green Roof School Waiting Shelter

    Bespoke Shelters

    Streetspace design and build capability manufactures bespoke canopy and shelter structures where a specific footprint or architectural design is required. TRITON steel frame polycarbonate, TAURUS timber frame and ORION tensile membrane structures can also be configured with enclosure panels, lighting and IR heaters.
    View Canopy & Walkway Designs

City3 Waiting Shelters Specification & Options

  • Product Specification Options

    CAD ModelTech Drawing
    DB 25.15156325462625DownloadDownload
    DB 50.15156349402625DownloadDownload
    CAD ModelTech Drawing
    DC 25.20208025552625DownloadDownload
    DC 50.20208047032625DownloadDownload
    CAD ModelTech Drawing
    DH 24.12140023592300DownloadDownload
    DH 36.12140035822300DownloadDownload
    DH 48.12140047402300DownloadDownload
    DH 24.24237223592300DownloadDownload
    DH 36.24237235822300DownloadDownload
    DH 48.24237247402300DownloadDownload
  • Cladding & Finishes

    A range of cladding options are available for City3 Waiting Shelters for weather protection, specified according to the environment and the level of visibility required through the structure.
    • Toughened Glass

      • Toughened Safety Glass
      • Clear or Tinted Colours
    • Clear Solid Polycarbonate

      • Solid Polycarbonate Sheet / Co-Extruded UV Protection
      • Clear or Opaque Colours
    • ForestPanel Iroko Slat (Horizontal Patern)

      • Sustainably Sourced Hardwood PAR Slat
      • Untreated Finish
    • ForestPanel Iroko Slat

      • Sustainably Sourced Hardwood PAR Slat
      • Untreated Finish
  • Coating Options

    City3 Shelters have a hot dip galvanised frame finish as standard and this is a coating that is highly durable in all environments. An optional powder coated finish can be selected from the following RAL colours.
    • Hot-Dip Galvanised

    • Colour Polyester Powdercoat

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