Isaac Newton Academy, London

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Project Isaac Newton Academy, London
ScopeORION Barrel Vault Fabric Canopy

The break out area at the new Isaac Newton Academy presents an impressive social space for students and staff alike. Seating areas, table tennis tables and decorative planters transform the space into a calming retreat. The arrival of the first wet weather soon led the school to reconsider the design of its popular social space. Not only was overcrowding of the indoor areas becoming problematic, it was disappointing to see the valuable outdoor space go to waste.

It was vital that the design of the canopy complemented the contemporary aesthetic of Isaac Newton Academy, while still ensuring functionality. In light of this requirement, Streetspace recommended an ORION Barrel Vault Fabric Canopy.

Barrel vault design provides a wide, clear-span area and an ambient sense of space. Tensile membrane canopies require less structural steel columns to support the roof in comparison to traditional building materials. The space therefore benefits from minimal obstruction and clutter, guaranteeing a free flow of movement.

PVC tensile membrane provides a flexible solution for the canopy covering; perfect for use throughout the day, as well as during darker evenings. In daylight, the semi-translucent fabric provides shade to protect occupants from UV radiation, while enough natural light is still able to penetrate to facilitate a pleasing, softly lit space. In the evenings, an ambient environment is created with the use of artificial lighting, further broadening the functionality of the canopy.

Tensile membrane offers excellent acoustic properties, absorbing a considerable proportion of noise, limiting external sound pollution. The one piece, welded tensile membrane roof has no joins to trap dirt, ensuring easy maintenance of the structure’s clean appearance.

Helen Chamberlain, Finance and Resources Director at Isaac Newton Academy commented “The new canopy has proved a great success with both students and staff at the Academy. During break and lunch times, the students play table tennis and relax on the stone benching underneath the cover. Not only does it provide shelter from the wet weather, but also some much-needed shade in the summer months. We are really pleased with the result.”

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