Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy

Case Study Highlights

ProjectEdward Worlledge Ormiston Academy, Great Yarmouth
ScopeOrion Hypar Tensile Canopy
Triton Maxx Polycarbonate Roof Canopy
Orion Barrel Vault Tensile Structure

A trio of canopies for the Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy

The Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy in Great Yarmouth pride themselves on putting their students at the centre of everything they do whilst inspiring and motivating them on a daily basis. In 2021 Streetspace were approached by the school to help update 3 existing areas of the school campus into more usable covered spaces for the children to use and enjoy year-round.

An ORION hypar™ Waterproof Tensile Canopy was installed in the part of the school playground aptly named ‘Mushroom Corner’, with the addition of foam post protectors for an extra element of safety for the children whilst playing. The design of the canopy offers a good balance of shade and shelter while the distinctive hypar form of the canopy compliments the fun landscape the school had already created. The unique hypar shape is created when diagonally opposite corners of the sail are raised and the resulting twist in the fabric creates the hypar form. The PVC based waterproof fabric is also combined with a PVDF self-cleaning top layer that helps to prevent dirt getting ingrained in the fabric.

Streetspace then worked on updating the playground by installing a Triton Maxx polycarbonate roof canopy, providing the children with an effective sheltered space to use during their break and lunch times. The polycarbonate roof covering provides a good level of light transmission, ensuring a light and airy feeling under the canopy even on gloomy days, while still offering excellent protection during inclement weather. Steel guttering and downpipes powder coated to match the canopy frame were also installed to manage rainwater during inclement weather.

Lastly, an ORION Barrel Vault Tensile structure was installed in the nursery playground to provide the younger children with shade and rain protection whilst they played outside on their apparatus. The lightweight nature of fabric tensile membrane canopies requires fewer structural steel columns, resulting in lots of clear space for the children to enjoy. Alongside this benefit, the soft membrane roof creates an ambient environment while absorbing the sounds of voices, rain and echo, making this canopy a perfect solution for playgrounds. ORION Barrel Vault Tensile Structures utilise a single piece PVC fabric membrane meaning no joins to attract dirt while utilising the same PVDF surface coating helping to reduce maintenance. For this project all canopy frames and rainwater systems were finished with a highly durable polyester powder coating with matching RAL colour to co-ordinate with the existing school colour scheme.

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