Nottingham High School, Nottingham

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ProjectNottingham High School, Nottingham
ScopeORION Shield Fabric Canopy

Nottingham High School is an independent co-educational day school for children aged 4-18 in the heart of Nottingham. The school was founded in 1513 by Dame Agnes Mellers, and King Henry VIII sealed the school’s foundation deed in that same year. After more than 500 years of teaching boys, the school welcomed girls in 2015 to become a fully co-educational institution.

For its vibrant Sixth Form, of more than 200 pupils, the school wanted to create a new social area, where students could meet, relax and eat lunch together. The school was looking for a statement canopy that created a significant focal point. But it also needed to be a functional structure for students that would provide shelter from the sun and act as a cover from the rain.

The intended site is located close to the schools entrance, which is in the main building. This significant building is Grade II listed, so meeting the planning permission terms would be key. From the road, the location is visible in front of the building. Careful consideration had to be given to the design of any structure so that it did not obstruct the view of the school. It was also an essential part of the planning terms that the canopy should look open.

Streetspace presented three options to the school. Functionality and appearance were important, but the tensile membrane structure also needed to fit within the schools budget.

Meeting both the strict planning requirements and the broad scope of the brief demonstrated the strength of the Streetspace design team.

An ORION Shield Fabric canopy was installed as part of an extensive landscaping project within the school that included constructing a retaining wall and removing a shed. The installation was completed extremely quickly. The team spent three days on site and fitted into the schools schedule of work. Fencing off the area allowed the existing school buildings to remain fully operational throughout the construction process and careful co-ordination with the head teacher ensured the continued smooth running of the school.

Streetspace managed the concept design, engineering, manufacture and installation and met the schools deadline by completing the tensile canopy ahead of a scheduled open evening.

The school is rightly proud of its new covered outdoor space. The covered dining and social space gives Sixth Form students an additional area that can be used whatever the weather. The previously unused area now benefits from a covered space with a durable canopy structure that protects from the elements and enhances this beautiful historic school.

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