Outdoor Dining Canopies for Schools

Outdoor Dining

Dining space is often at a premium in schools with existing canteens at full capacity, frequently resulting in long queues of students waiting outside of dining halls to find a seat. Introducing covered outdoor dining areas can help schools significantly ease the pressure by turning underutilised outdoor areas into much-needed dining and breakout space

Outdoor dining canopies not only offer a cost-effective way of adding dining capacity but can also serve as multi-use learning environments, providing outdoor teaching and classroom space. Covered dining areas allow students to enjoy the benefits of more time spent outdoors while providing effective protection from the worst of the weather in winter and limiting exposure to harmful UV rays during the summer.

School Dining Canopies & Shelters

Streetspace offers a range of solutions, suitable for use as outdoor dining shelters, that will transform the day-to-day running of the school at break and lunchtimes. Our outdoor dining canopies have been designed to cover a range of budgets and use cases. All of our canopies are permanent freestanding structures and can be specified with either steel or engineered timber frames. Roof coverings come in a selection of tensile fabric and polycarbonate roof coverings.

To further enhance their use as dining structures, our canopies can be designed as semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed dining areas with toughened glass walling, aluminium curtain walling or solid polycarbonate vertical cladding providing additional shelter during cold and wet weather. Additionally radiant electric heaters and LED lighting systems, IP-rated for external use, can be installed to help provide a comfortable dining environment during the colder months.

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Food Pods, Snack Shacks & Food Serveries

The benefits of our outdoor dining shelters work especially well in conjunction with the exciting incorporation of food pods and serveries. These make full use of the available footprint by being employed in convenient locations that either adjoin the structure or are contained within. Often culturally referred to as snack shacks, these pods encourage opportunities to introduce pupils to a diverse range of food cuisines. 

From a practical perspective, the food pods and serveries represent a means of reducing pressure on school canteens by easing congestion and relieving foot traffic, as well as motivating students to remain on the school premises during lunchtime. In addition, these food kiosks offer opportunities to increase revenue, which can then be reinvested into the school itself.

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