Hypar Shade Canopies

ORION Hypar Shade Sail

Where the primary objective for a covered space is shade from the sun and UV protection, the ORION Hypar Shade Sail canopy is a cost-effective and visually appealing choice. With a wide range of vibrant colours available, sails can be grouped together to create a stunning design theme – perfect for brightening up school playgrounds and outdoor seating areas.

The commercial grade shade cloths with single colour filaments provide consistent colour tone and texture throughout the sail. They offer a very high level of UV protection with 91% – 95% block, and are made from UV stabilised materials, ensuring that the fabric of the shade sails will continue to perform even after years of exposure to the elements. The super tough abrasion resistant yarn offers excellent longevity with resistance to grime, mildew and dirt.

Sail shade canopies are not rated for snow loading, so this product utilises 316 grade stainless steel fixings for ease of removal and retensioning. If all year round weather protection is required, consider the ORION Hypar fabric canopy.

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ORION Hypar Shade Sail Design Features

  • Structural Design

    To create the hyperbolic form there must be tensioning points on opposing corners and ORION Hypar Sail Shade Canopies use cast-in steel columns to provide the necessary tension.
  • Great Aesthetics

    Soft curves and one-piece colourful architectural shade sails with minimal supporting steelwork create an undeniably impressive feature in their own right.
  • Custom Designs

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails can be custom designed to create stunning architectural canopy structures to shade spectator seating and outdoor performance areas such as amphitheatres.
  • Steelwork Coating

    With the fabric colour choice availability and a full range of BS4800 and RAL colours for powder coating finishes, the possibilities for coordinated design themes are practically endless!
  • Waterproof Shade Sails

    If you require shelter from the rain as well as shade from the sun, consider the ORION Waterproof Hypar canopy which uses a PVC architectural membrane instead of shade cloth.
  • Fabric Colour Choice

    With a choice of over 30 different colours across our different shade cloth ranges, there is great scope to create vibrant and imaginative covered spaces.

ORION Hypar Shade Specification & Options

  • Product Specification

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails have the classic tensile form, using columns at the corners of the structure. Sail Shade Canopies can be grouped together with posts acting as fixing points for more than one sail.  

    Shade Sail Dimensions

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails are available in sizes up to 8.0m x 8.0m. Most sun shade sails are square but rectangles can be accommodated.

    Shade Sail Mounting

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails are mounted to hollow section steel posts, which are cast into concrete foundations.

    Shade Sail Hardware

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails use high quality stainless steel tensioning and fixing hardware for longevity.
  • Shade Fabric Colours

    ORION Hypar Shade Sails use commercial grade shade cloth fabric manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape filament. All filament (or yarn) is lockstitch knitted together providing a very high strength fabric which is then heat set, for dimensional stability and consistency. Fourteen UV-stable colours are available.
    • Bundena Blue

    • Chino Cream

    • Karloo Sand

    • Graphite Charcoal

    • Terracotta

    • Abaroo Red

    • Sheba Blue

    • Koonunga Green

    • Domino Black

    • Lime Fizz

    • Sherbet Orange

    • Bubblegum Pink

    • Jazzberry Purple

    • Mellow Yellow

    • Candy Red

    • Titanium

  • Frame Finishes

    Highly durable polyester powder coatings are applied as the standard finish on steel frame ORION canopies with colours selected from a basic range or from the RAL colour selector. Steelwork is cold grit-blasted to SA2.5, with a zinc coating and anti-corrosive primer, followed by the high gloss polyester colour powder coat finish. Alternatively, hot-dip galvanised coatings can be specified for the harshest environments where a decorative finish is not required.   The colours and finishes depicted on this website are representations and should not be taken as accurate.
    • Hot – Dip Galvanised

    • Colour Polyester Powdercoat

  • Additional Options

    Additional options are available for our ORION Hypar Shade Sails to enable you to configure your space so that it fulfils all of your requirements. If you have any other requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask our project consultants and we’ll be happy to incorporate these for you.  

    Post Protector Pads

    Foam protector pads with heavy duty PVC covers can be fitted to canopy posts for structures situated in play areas.


    Various lighting solutions are available to extend safe use of your covered space or walkway outside of daylight hours.

    IR Heaters

    External grade radiant electric heaters can be fitted to TRITON canopies to provide warmth to users in colder weather.

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