10 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Canopy

A UK study conducted for outdoor classroom day found that 89% of children are happier when provided with outdoor learning environments. Indeed, attitudes towards outdoor learning are growing both in the UK and on an international scale, with 44% of teachers increasing the type and frequency of lessons taken outside.

However, with close to one-fifth of UK schools currently at or in excess of capacity, rising pupil intakes has increased the need for effective solutions to ease congestion across educational establishments. From large covered dining space to all-weather learning spaces, an outdoor canopy for schools provides an effective solution for creating additional space, all while supporting the aims of schools & teachers to introduce additional outdoor learning opportunities.

Outdoor Canopy Benefits

1 . Provides Protection from the Elements

2 . Provision of Outdoor Learning Environments

3 . Can Enhance Pupil Participation

4 . Enhances Pupil Wellbeing 

5 . Expands Dining Facilities

6 . Offers Multi-purpose Use

7 . Maximises Under-utilised Space

8 . Have that Architectural ‘Wow’ Factor

9 . Can be Integrated as Parent Waiting Shelters or Covered Walkways

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