Fabric Roof Covered Walkways

ORION Covered Walkway

An ORION Covered Walkway with its tensile membrane roof provides a pleasant ambient environment as well as absorbing the sound of rain, voices and echo to a greater extent than a hard roof covering such as polycarbonate or steel. The fabric roofs also offer the unique opportunity to print corporate branding for added class.

The flexible design aesthetic and distinctive elegant form of a tensile fabric canopy results from the characteristics unique to membrane tension. In daylight, fabric membrane translucency provides diffused, naturally lit spaces, while at night, artificial lighting can be used to create an ambient exterior luminescence. The lightweight nature of tensile membrane design requires less structural steel compared with conventional roof coverings, enabling clear spans of column-free space.

Enclosing covered walkways with glass or polycarbonate sides increases the weather protection further, with the potential to address safeguarding issues at the same time.

Streetspace has extensive in-house expertise in civil engineering and external works, offering complete turn-key packages including foundation installation, surfacing and drainage and any associated mechanical and electric elements.

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ORION Covered Walkway Design Features

  • High Sunlight Reflectivity

    High sun reflectivity results in a lower energy requirement to maintain room temperatures of adjacent buildings.
  • One-Piece Fabric Membrane

    No joins to trap dirt or moisture and advanced fabric coatings provide a smooth, low maintenance surface.
  • All Weather Protection

    Enclosure options include solid or multiwall polycarbonate, planar glass and aluminium glazed curtain walling.
  • Sound Absorption Qualities

    Soft membrane fabrics absorb echo, the sound of rain and voices to a much greater extent than a hard roof.
  • Positive Light Transmission

    The combination of ‘no-glare’ ambience with excellent light transmission eliminates the need for lighting during the day.
  • Confidence in Accreditation

    Our design, manufacturing and construction processes are accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS EN 1090 CE EXC 2.

ORION Covered Walkway Specification & Options

  • Product Specification

    ORION Covered Walkways are available with a number of different forms and support options. The design format is inherently flexible and can accommodate many site-specific challenges such as changes in level, underground services or irregular shapes.  

    Canopy Form

    ORION Covered Walkways are based on either the symmetric barrel vault or cantilever design form.

    Canopy Support

    As well as the standard freestanding design, ORION Covered Walkways are available as either cantilevered structures or freestanding depending on cover width required.

    Canopy Width

    ORION Covered Walkways are typically constructed between 1m and 6m in cover width.

    Canopy Length

    Column support centres will typically be between 3.5m and 6m with variations engineered to avoid obstructions and access points.
  • PVC Fabric Colours

    ORION Covered Walkways are specified with the FTO Series Architectural PVC Fabric which is an advanced, high quality and hard wearing product, with a smooth PVDF surface coating that stops dirt getting ingrained in the fabric, reducing the level of maintenance required to keep the roof clean.
    • White

    • Light Grey

    • Grey

    • Yellow

    • Green

    • Lagoon

    • Champagne

    • Vanilla

    • Aniseed

    • Red

    • Ocean Blue

  • Frame Finishes

    Highly durable polyester powder coatings are applied as the standard finish on steel frame ORION canopies with colours selected from a basic range or from the RAL colour selector. Steelwork is cold grit-blasted to SA2.5, with a zinc coating and anti-corrosive primer, followed by the high gloss polyester colour powder coat finish. Alternatively, hot-dip galvanised coatings can be specified for the harshest environments where a decorative finish is not required.   The colours and finishes depicted on this website are representations and should not be taken as accurate.
    • Hot – Dip Galvanised

    • Colour Polyester Powdercoat

  • Canopy Options

    Adding options to your ORION Covered Walkway allows even greater flexibility for extending the use of the covered space.  

    Canopy Lighting

    High-efficiency LED lighting solutions are available to enable safe use of your covered walkway outside of daylight hours.

    Timber Post Capping

    Adding timber post cappings can help soften the appearance of a steel frame structure.

    Windbreak Panels

    The addition of windbreak side panel sections for canopy sections most exposed to inclement weather is a cost effective means of increasing value from the facility.

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