Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester

Case Study Highlights

ProjectNunnery Wood High School, Worcester
ArchitectPR Associates
ScopeTRITON Covered Walkway, 110.0m (L) x 3.0m (W)

Installed as part of a £3m project to replace their ROSLA block, a monopitch TRITON Covered Walkway ensures the staff and students of Nunnery Wood High School are protected from the elements when moving between buildings.

With a large number of buildings around the school site, one of the main thoroughfares runs in between two blocks, and during wet weather other areas became congested as site users avoided it. In association with the school’s consultant, PR Associates, Streetspace developed a solution using our TRITON Covered Walkway design.

The steel frame canopy construction enables flexibility in post spacings, which is perfect in situations like this where multiple doorways open onto the canopy area. Multiwall polycarbonate roof cladding with a good level of light transmission ensures that classrooms adjacent to the covered walkway do not lose too much light.

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