Polycarbonate Roof Covered Walkways

TRITON Covered Walkway

The inherent design flexibility of the TRITON polycarbonate roof canopy systems makes them ideally suited to the provision of covered walkways, where site users require protection from the elements when connecting between buildings. The canopy designs readily accommodate changes of level and direction, and can be tailored around irregular shaped buildings and paths to provide complete coverage of routes around your site.

All of our TRITON canopies are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1090 EXC 2 accreditation, offering outstanding durability from an all-steel frame with polyester powder coat finish and galvanised steel rainwater goods. The standard roof specification is the advanced multiwall polycarbonate providing a bright atmosphere without glare, with our proven aluminium glazing system ensuring a reliable and easy to maintain roof cover for the long term. The 25-year structure and 15-year roof covering warranties provide long term peace of mind, with aftercare packages available for periodic inspection and cleaning.

Enclosing covered walkways with glass or polycarbonate sides increases the weather protection further, with the potential to address safeguarding issues at the same time.

Streetspace has extensive in-house expertise in civil engineering and external works, offering complete turn-key packages including foundation installation, surfacing and drainage and any associated mechanical and electric elements.

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TRITON Covered Walkway Design Features

  • Glazing & Rainwater Systems

    Aluminium roof glazing system and galvanised powder coated steel rainwater systems for long term reliability.
  • Great Aesthetics

    Single beam radius roof, eaves oversail, rafter and purlin connections and colour coordinated integral rainwater systems.
  • Roof Cladding Options

    Select from multiwall polycarbonate or toughened and laminated glass.
  • Design Form Flexibility

    TRITON covered walkways can be manufactured as radius symmetric, asymmetric or mono pitch design.
  • Weather Protection

    Enclosure options include solid or multiwall polycarbonate, planar glass and aluminium glazed curtain walling.
  • Confidence in Accreditation

    Streetspace design, manufacturing and construction processes are accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS EN 1090 CE EXC 2.

TRITON Covered Walkway Model Variants

  • Freestanding Covered Walkway - TRITON

    Freestanding Covered Walkways

    TRITON Covered Walkways are designed as freestanding structures as standard, giving flexibility to accommodate changes in level and direction.
  • Wall Mounted Covered Walkway - TRITON

    Wall Mounted Covered Walkways

    TRITON Covered Walkways can be constructed using wall mounted fixing brackets or supports on one side of the structure, reducing the number of columns in the pathway. Most wall mounted canopies still have support columns on the outer edge to reduce the load on the supporting building.
  • Covered Walkway Design - TRITON

    Glazed Covered Walkways

    To provide users with added protection from the wind and wind-driven rain, TRITON Covered Walkways can be enclosed fully or partially enclosed. An enclosed walkway can effectively create additional corridor space that is secure for safeguarding purposes, and help to reduce overcrowding in existing buildings.

TRITON Covered Walkway Specification & Options

  • Product Specification Options

    TRITON Covered Walkways are available with a number of different forms and support options. Projects are surveyed and modelled prior to detailed design commencement, incorporating existing levels, service cover locations and adjacent door and window positions.  

    Canopy Form

    TRITON Covered Walkways can be constructed in three forms: symmetric, asymmetric or mono pitch. Asymmetric structures are particularly suitable for positioning against existing buildings.

    Canopy Support

    As well as the standard freestanding design, TRITON Covered Walkways are available as either cantilevered structures or wall mounted, providing the wall meets the appropriate structural requirements.

    Canopy Width

    TRITON Covered Walkways can be constructed in any width between 1m and 6m

    Canopy Length

    There is no limit on the length of TRITON Covered Walkways. Standard post centres are between 3.5m and 5.5m with variations within the structure possible to avoid doorways, access routes or underground services.
  • Frame Finishes

    Highly durable polyester powder coatings are applied as the standard finish on steel frame TRITON canopies with colours selected from a basic range or from the RAL colour selector. Steelwork is cold grit-blasted to SA2.5, with a zinc coating and anti-corrosive primer, followed by the high gloss polyester colour powder coat finish. Alternatively, hot-dip galvanised coatings can be specified for the harshest environments where a decorative finish is not required. The colours and finishes depicted on this website are representations and should not be taken as accurate.
    • Hot – Dip Galvanised

    • Colour Polyester Powdercoat

  • Roof Cladding & Rainwater Systems

    While multiwall polycarbonate is the most popular choice of roof cladding for TRITON canopies, other roof types such as glass or steel can be accommodated as a bespoke design.  

    Multiwall Polycarbonate

    High-performance multiwall glazing material manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate with co-extruded Longlife UV protection, filtering out over 98% of damaging UV radiation. The UV protection barrier protects the sheets from weathering and yellowing under the sun and prolongs the life of the sheet. It has a broad temperature range and will maintain its properties even in extreme weather conditions.

    Toughened & Laminated Glass

    The premium alternative to polycarbonate utilising an aluminium glazing bar system. All roof glazing panels are toughened and laminated with optional interlayer tints for shading.

    Rainwater Systems – Guttering

    TRITON canopies are designed with integral steel guttering, colour powder coated to match the canopy steel frame for long term durability and ease of maintenance.

    Rainwater Systems – Downpipes

    Aluminium downpipes custom manufactured for each canopy with integral connections for maximum durability. Colour powder coated finishes match the guttering and steel frame.
  • Canopy Options

    Adding options to your TRITON Covered Walkway allows even greater flexibility for extending the use of the covered space.  

    Canopy Lighting

    High-efficiency LED lighting solutions are available to enable safe use of your covered walkway outside of daylight hours.

    Timber Post Capping

    Adding timber post cappings can help soften the appearance of a steel frame structure.

    Windbreak Panels

    The addition of windbreak side panel sections for canopy sections most exposed to inclement weather is a cost effective means of increasing value from the facility.

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