St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Surrey

Case Study Highlights

ProjectSt Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Surrey
ScopeTRITON Symmetric Canopy, 10m (L) x 5m (W)
TRITON Mono Walkway Canopy, 20.5m (L) x 1.5m (W)

As with many primary schools, St Andrew’s C of E Primary School suffered from a serious lack of dining space with a small hall that also had to accommodate indoor PE lessons and assemblies. A further issue was that no internal connections existed between the two main blocks of the school, meaning students had to walk through the front carpark of the school – a major safeguarding issue.

Streetspace have completed two projects to resolve these issues for the school, installing a 10.0m x 5.0m Triton Maxx symmetric polycarbonate roof canopy in a courtyard adjacent to the hall to provide additional dining space, and a 20.5m x 1.5m Triton Mono walkway with glazed curtain walling to provide security across the front elevation of the school.

The projects have been a great success for the school, with the head teacher commenting: “The covered walkway means the whole front of the school is enclosed, ensuring children having lessons in the hall aren’t disturbed and visitors can only access the school through reception. The dining room was overcrowded, and the noise levels were higher than we wanted and it made it difficult to manage. Now we’ve practically doubled our dining space and that’s really helped the children choose where they want to go and eat. It’s helped with the noise levels and made the dining experience much more pleasant.”

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